Sterling Heights settles mosque lawsuit amid residents' outcries

STERLING HEIGHTS — Tempers flared to such a degree at the City Council meeting Feb. 21 that the mayor ordered the chamber cleared and an impassioned mob burst through the doors, shouting "This is just a show" and "they will be so sorry." 

ADC-MI in transition, new director to be named

DEARBORN — The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) was established in 1980 by former Senator James George Abourezk (D-SD) in response to the growing tide of anti-Arab rhetoric in the United States. 

Open carry and intimidation put police, community on edge

DEARBORN — On Sunday, February 19, a group of five armed individuals were spotted marching along Warren Avenue on Dearborn's east side. 

The open carry advocates walked down Schaefer towards Warren during peak business hours that morning. 

Arab, Muslim and minority advocacy group debuts

DEARBORN — Last week, former ADC-MI Director Fatina Abdrabboh announced that she will be assuming a new position as the executive director of the American-Muslim and Minority Advocacy League (AMAL). 

O'Reilly: Crime rates down, home values up and businesses being courted

DEARBORN —Mayor Jack O'Reilly delivered his annual state of the city address through a five-part daily video series, Feb. 12-16, that discussed the successes and development of some of Dearborn's major components — the fire department, police department, economic development, neighborhoods and his vision for Dearborn's future.

Three mayoral candidates throw their hats in the ring

DEARBORN -- The general election is not for several months, but a handful of residents have already announced their candidacy to become the next mayor of Dearborn.

Ex-doctor Nassar faces 22 new charges in 'biggest serial sexual assault in MI history'

LANSING ― Former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University doctor Larry Nassar, who is in federal custody after more than 80 young girls and women came forward about his sexual assault since September, was hit with 22 more charges Wednesday morning.

Tanning: An ad for skin cancer?

DEARBORN — People like to take care of their skin and look good no matter their age, but what if they're using procedures with serious health repercussions? 

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