The right to bear arms should not impede others' right to live in peace

On Sunday, February 19, five armed demonstrators were spotted walking down Schaefer Road towards Warren Ave. in Dearborn's heavily populated Arab and Muslim part of the city, allegedly in support of open carry gun laws. 

America is not innocent: If we bomb you, we ban you

In a Fox News interview that aired on Sunday, Feb. 5, President Trump defended Russian President Vladimir Putin when host Bill O'Reilly asked him why he respects him so much if he's a killer.

Trump's actions have roots in American political discourse

Donald Trump’s executive orders were no doubt an overt assault on the character and integrity of not only the Arab and Muslim community, but also of the rich framework of immigrants of diverse backgrounds and nationalities that construct the backbone of this nation.

Courts schooled Trump about America's greatness

It has been a mere three weeks since real estate mogul Donald Trump took the oath of office as the U.S. president, and the country has already suffered the detrimental effects of poorly-implemented policy

America’s greatness was on display everywhere— except the White House

On Friday, Jan. 27, President Trump signed an executive order banning entry from seven predominantly Muslim countries— Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen— for 90 days, which seamlessly led to waves of protests and condemnations across the country.

The Paris Peace Conference: Signaling an end to Western-dominated era

No, it was not just "another Middle East peace conference," as a columnist in Israeli "Jerusalem Post" attempted to depict the Paris Peace Conference held on January 15, with top official representations from 70 countries attending. If it was, indeed, just "another peace conference", representatives from the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority (PA) would have attended as well. 

Trump disregards boundaries, bullies neighbors during first week

President Trump's inauguration— connoting hostility, invoking fear and uncompromising in its rhetoric— paled in comparison to President Obama's in size, strength and substance. Yet, it paved the way for Trump to carry out more austere executive actions in six days than Obama had in passing reasonable and —at times – relatively uncontroversial resolutions in eight years. 

Can the media hold politicians accountable?

If you watched Donald Trump’s recent press conference, you may have overlooked a telling and worrisome moment. 

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