In contested elections, your vote is decisive

Michigan has long been a safe Democratic state in the presidential elections for the past 24 years, but the unpredictability of this cycle puts everything in doubt.

Public servants or corporate security? An open letter to law enforcement in North Dakota

So you joined law enforcement or the National Guard because you wanted to uphold the law, protect innocent civilians against the bad guys, and help your community in times of need. 

Muslims have a critical role in this election

We are just days away from one of the most important presidential elections in American history – a contest that is important for all the wrong reasons. On Nov. 8, we are faced with two simple choices; a candidate who offers us all inclusion, and a candidate who offers us isolation. 

Denouncing Trump is not enough to challenge rising Islamophobia

This week, an Arabic billboard with a deep message denouncing Trump appeared on I-94.

The battle for Mosul: Relocating terrorists to Raqqa is a dangerous game

American calculations surround the battle for Mosul and its ramifications on the Middle East — the first aim is geopolitical and the second is electoral.

How Israel convinces the world it is under constant 'existentialist threat'

The Israeli official narrative regarding its conflict with the Palestinians is deliberately confounded because a muddled up discourse is a convenient one. It allows the narrator to pick and choose half-truths at will, in order to create a falsified version of reality.

Remembering the words of our friends

Religious and racial intolerance are reaching alarming levels. Populist politicians have taken advantage of the spread of violence across the world to scapegoat Arab and Muslim Americans. 

A sobering look beyond the election

This campaign year has been full of twists and turns. We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, let alone on November 8. So talking about what comes afterward seems premature. But it’s been on my mind a lot, because I’m worried.

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