Restricting hookah bar hours is bad for business

The nature of Southeast Michigan's economy has changed over the past decades. Dearborn's leaders do not seem interested in adjusting to the new realities. 

May 25: Liberation Day should be hailed and celebrated

Six days. It took Israel six days to defeat the combined armies of Egypt, Jordan and Syria in 1967. Demoralized Arabs had gotten used to catastrophes and setbacks as Israel colonized their land before the resistance in south Lebanon reclaimed their honor. 

Dearborn DPW's shady work

Never mess with writers, they say. Journalists and newspapers often act as deterrents to negligence by officials. Hence, we question the wisdom of the city of Dearborn's display of utter incompetence in The Arab American News' backyard.

On Nakba and other catastrophes

The 68th anniversary of Nakba on May 15 came at a time when the Arab masses are dealing with their own catastrophic civil war, while the fragmented Palestinian leadership fails to represent the aspirations of the people.

Dearborn Arabs should invest in the city's bright future

Dearborn's future has never looked brighter. Ford Motor Company will be pouring $1.2 billion in investments into the city over the next decade. The new Ford campus will have positive ripple effects in Dearborn's economy that will trickle down to all residents and small business owners.

Answers needed from the Dearborn Police Department

As journalists, our responsibility is not to fix the government, but to point out the areas that need repairs. We can't patch the potholes in the streets. However, we can raise concerns about decaying roads.

Washington and Riyadh: Time to divorce

There is a place where the rulers execute people by beheading publicly, silence dissent with deadly force, oppress woman, promote sectarianism and apply extremist interpretations of Islamic teachings in schools. 

Vote Yes: Crestwood Schools bond is a worthy investment

As Arab Americans have expanded their presence in Dearborn Heights over the past two decades, they have also enriched the city's culture and revived its economy. The city is another anchor for the community in Michigan.

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