Obesity, diabetes prevalent in Arab American communities

DEARBORN — Six Gulf Community Council (GCC) countries—Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, the UAE and Oman—have been identified by Rand Health Advisory services as having populations with the highest rates of diabetes in the world.

E-Cigarettes may lure teens who otherwise might not smoke

E-cigarettes aren't tied to a decline in teen smoking and the devices may actually entice some youth who are unlikely to try traditional cigarettes, a U.S. study suggests. 

Health insurers quietly shape Obamacare replacement

WASHINGTON—Health insurers are making their case to Republican lawmakers over how Americans sign up for individual insurance and pushing for other changes to shape the replacement of former President Obama's national healthcare law. 

Maya Nassar seeks to expand fitness in Lebanon

DEARBORN — Athletic trailblazer Maya Nassar seeks to establish a national platform to expand fitness and bodybuilding in Lebanon.

Right and wrong ways to address the drug cost Conundrum

Americans are gearing up for higher health care costs in 2017. 

Average monthly insurance premiums for popular plans on Healthcare.gov, the major Obamacare exchange, are slated to rise by 25 percent. Some consumers will see their health insurance premiums double. 

Gun laws, mental health spending tied to fewer school shootings

As school shootings become more common in the U.S., they're happening less often in states with mandatory background checks on gun and ammunition purchases, a recent study suggests.

Women denied abortions face higher risk of mental health problems

Women who are denied abortions have a higher risk of mental health problems soon afterward compared to women who are allowed to go through with the process, a new study suggests.

Drowsy driving just as risky as drunk driving

LANSING — Drivers who miss two or three hours of sleep in a day face the same risk of an accident as those who are legally drunk, according to a AAA study on the sometimes-deadly consequences of being drowsy behind the wheel.

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