Palestinian resistance champion Hilarion Capucci dies

VATICAN CITY — Monsignor Hilarion Capucci, who was a Greek Melkite Catholic archbishop who became a champion of the Palestinian cause, fighting and preaching against Israeli human rights abuses of Palestinians, has died in Rome on Sunday.

Tunisian police fire tear gas at protesters demanding jobs

TUNIS - Tunisian police firing tear gas clashed on Thursday with hundreds of youths who tossed rocks and petrol bombs in protests over jobs and a lack of development in a town in the country's south, residents told Reuters.

Syrian ceasefire largely holding, aid not going in

GENEVA — The ceasefire in the Syria war is holding for the most part but humanitarian aid is still not getting through to besieged areas where food is running out, the U.N. envoy said on Thursday.

Iraqi forces make gains in Mosul

 BAGHDAD — Iraqi forces joined flanks in northern Mosul and drove back ISIS militants in the southeast on Thursday in a renewed push that has brought them closer to controlling the eastern half of the city.

Saudis cut oil output to lowest in two years, pledge further reductions

ABU DHABI - Saudi Arabia has cut oil output to its lowest in almost two years, its energy minister said on Thursday, as the world's largest oil exporter leads OPEC's drive to eradicate a global glut and prop up prices.

Lebanon's Aoun says ties with Saudi Arabia recovering

BEIRUT — Lebanon's President Michel Aoun said his country's ties with Saudi Arabia were recovering, after tensions linked to the regional rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran led Riyadh to cancel $3 billion of military aid to Beirut last year.

Netanyahu: Middle East peace talks are a rigged move against Israel

ISRAEL - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said talks to discuss the Middle East peace process in Paris on Sunday would be "rigged" against Israel, which has announced it would not participate.

As drug supplies run short, Egyptians turn to herbal remedies

CAIRO — In an economic crisis that has led to a shortage of medicines, Egyptians are skipping trips to drug stores and instead turning to herbal remedies to treat every-day illnesses.

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