Muslims raise money for vandalized Jewish cemeteries

ST. LOUIS—More than $78,000 was raised last Wednesday to help fix damages made to a Jewish cemetery after vandals defaced headstones at the Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri. 

Astronomers find seven Earth-size planets where life is possible

Astronomers have found a nearby solar system with seven Earth-sized planets, three of which circle their parent star at the right distance for liquid surface water, bolstering the prospect of discovering extraterrestrial life, research published on Wednesday showed.

Outspoken general named as Trump's top security adviser

WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. ― President Trump on Monday named Lieutenant General Herbert Raymond McMaster as his new national security adviser, choosing a military officer known for speaking his mind and challenging his superiors.

Trump's defense chief: 'We're not in Iraq to seize anybody's oil'

BAGHDAD ― The U.S. military is "not in Iraq to seize anybody's oil", Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said, distancing himself from remarks by President Trump, as he held talks with Iraqi leaders on Monday.

Trump's nominee for ambassador to Israel heckled at hearing

David Friedman, Trump's nominee for the U.S. ambassador to Israel, underwent scrutiny during Thursday's Senate confirmation hearing before apologizing for bashing liberal American Jews. 

Trump baffles Sweden with crime comment, says it was based on TV report

A day after falsely suggesting there was an immigration-related security incident in Sweden, President Donald Trump said on Sunday his comment was based on a television report he had seen.

Trump to replace travel ban order

WASHINGTON D.C.- President Trump will replace his executive order suspending travel from seven Muslim-majority countries "in the near future," according to a Justice Department court filing on Thursday.

Protests call for U.S. immigrants to stay home from work, school

Activists are calling on immigrants to protest President Donald Trump's tough stance on immigration by staying home from work or school on Thursday, not shopping and not eating out, in an effort to highlight the vital role they play in U.S. society.

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