Fed cuts rates twice in one week

WASHINGTON (AP) The Federal Reserve delivered powerful new relief to people and businesses squeezed by the ailing economy Wednesday, cutting interest rates ever deeper in an effort to avert or at least soften the blow of a recession.

Obama nixes Palestinian right of return

Rudy Giuliani, the Republican former mayor of New York, and John Edwards, the Democratic former North Carolina senator,  both dropped out of the U.S. presidential race this week.

American Muslim voters left out in the cold

NEW YORK (IPS) In an electoral campaign system tactically dominated by "niche politics," major candidates for their party's presidential nominations are running as fast as they can from one potentially influential constituency.

America's finances: A house of cards

America today is not the only empire, but it is one that has consistently formulated itself around the ideologies of corporate business, the military, big government, and religious self-righteousness, mass marketing itself and mass exploiting others with military back-up when needed to make itself the biggest and most powerful ever known.

Peace groups call for mass tax revolt

WASHINGTON   A coalition of national peace groups honored the legacy of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. this week by stepping up a new campaign for a tax revolt to protest the Bush administration's war in Iraq. CODEPINK: Women for Peace, the 2008 War Tax Boycott Campaign, United for Peace and Justice and a host of other anti-war organizations are calling on U.S. taxpayers to commit what would be the largest act of nonviolent civil disobedience ....

Guantanamo should be shut down, says U.S. military chief

Guantanamo Bay The notorious prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba should be closed as soon as possible because negative publicity about the treatment of terror suspects has been "pretty damaging" to America's image, the chief of the U.S. military has said.

New York activists take on Israeli settlement builder

A network of pro-Palestinian organizations in New York is working hard to expose Israeli businessman Lev Leviev's sponsorship of Israeli settlement construction.  The groups have engaged in creative protests and organized boycotts and pressured those linked with Leviev.  Their boycott campaign is gaining strong momentum.

What would Democratic foreign policy look like?

At the Des Moines Register presidential debate in December, Barack Obama was asked how voters could expect him to provide a "break from the past" when many of his top foreign policy advisers were holdovers from the Clinton administration.

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