Man kills neighbor he called “Dirty Arab”
| Monday, 08.15.2016, 03:22 PM

TULSA -- A 37-year-old Arab American man was murdered last Friday following an escalated feud with his neighbor.

Police said Khalid Jabara was fatally shot by his neighbor, Vernon Majors, 61, on his front porch.

Residents in the area confirmed the suspect and victim had animosity for quite some time.

Police said Majors had a criminal history with the neighbors. He had constantly harassed the family and ran over Jabra’s mother and fled the scene during an altercation in September 2015. He had spent 8 months in jail for the incident.

However, when Majors was discharged, he returned home and his animosity towards the family intensified to a dangerous level. 

He had insinuated he had a gun hours before he murdered Jabara. According to the family, police were contacted about his threatening behavior, but he wasn't arrested. 

That same day, Majors made his way over to his neighbor's front porch and fatally shot Jabara. 

According to Jabara’s sister, Victoria Jabara Williams,  Majors had repeatedly unleashed racially charged insults at the family until it escalated to the death of her brother.

“I want to shed light and bring awareness to the negligence that occurred from the first moment the neighbor..this monster.. called our family 'Dirty Arabs', to the time he ran over my mother with his car, to the two Protective Order violations, and our constant vigilance to communicate and be proactive with the DA's, to the fact that they let him out of jail after 8 months, to the fact that my brother called the police to explain to them that we were scared because we heard he had a gun, to the fact that the police left, saying they could do nothing, and, 30 minutes later....the fact that the criminal walked up to my brother and shot him on his front porch.

At the end of the day, my beautiful brother had a heart like no other. Sensitive to the core, he loved others so much and wanted to be loved back. I'll miss his jokes (I stole all my jokes from him!), his love for all things electronic, his love for my mom and dad, Rami, and his tenderness towards his nieces. This angel will be missed."

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