Arab American Detroit police officer dies
By Marissa Campbell | Thursday, 11.17.2016, 12:06 AM

DEARBORN — Hadi Mahmoud, 30, a Dearborn resident and police officer with the Detroit Police Department, passed away Monday, Nov. 7. Federal investigations and an autopsy are being conducted to determine the cause of death, according to Eddie Jawad, Mahmoud's uncle.

Mahmoud was stressed the past two or three months and something had been bothering him, Jawad said. He said he suspects foul play in his nephew's death, but the circumstances surrounding his untimely passing are still under investigation.

Mahmoud was buried at United Memorial Gardens in Plymouth on Thursday, Nov. 10. 

Mahmoud was a member of the Detroit Police Department for four years. He'd previously attended a police academy in Lansing. 

Mahmoud wanted to join the police force as far back as high school, when he saw people getting involved with drugs, Jawad said. He went on to work in the narcotics division of the Detroit Police Department to help stop drug dealers from facilitating illegal substances to kids.

"He was working with the force so he could make a difference," Jawad said. "When he was in high school, he saw kids get on drugs and everything, but he wanted to make an example – that's why he chose a career that he can stop the drugs flowing to young kids."

Mahmoud was born in Denmark and moved to Dearborn when he was 5-years-old.

Some of his hobbies included driving sports cars on private racetracks.

"He had a corvette, a mustang, all these cars with big engines," Jawad said.

Mahmoud will be missed by his uncle and other family members. 

"He was the most generous, the most helpful person you could ever meet," Jawad said. "He was good to his family. He was always in touch will all his relatives, and if anybody asked for anything, he would jump up in the middle of the night and do it for them. He was really a good kid. He was the best in his family." 

By Marissa Campbell

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