The Arab American News

Thank You and Happy Holidays!
| Friday, 12.23.2016, 02:41 AM |

As we wrap up our last edition for this year and send it to the press, we must thank our dedicated readers and supportive advertisers. We work passionately and to the best of our ability to gather these stories and present them to our readers.

Our professional team of journalists are committed to telling your stories, successes and shortcomings. Our editorial team stands up for our common good and fights for our collective rights. We at The Arab American News have done this tirelessly for the last 32 years with steadfastness and without fear.

We always put the interest of our community above all personal and narrow interests. Simply, you come first. The truth will always be our objective and reaching it will be our guide. We strongly believe that the truth, despite its challenges, will set us free.

We are thankful and appreciative of our advertisers for their continuing support. They have helped keep us editorially independent. We ask our readers and our supporters to return the favor by patronizing them.

As we dot the i’s and cross the t's in the final page of the last edition for 2016, and start a new chapter in the coming year, our commitments to our profession of journalism remain resolute.

Our plans for the next year are to continue improving our print edition in quality, design and contents. The Arab American News will also launch a new sophisticated, user friendly, bilingual website at the beginning of 2017 to meet the challenges of the information technological era. We will also maintain a robust up-to-date news coverage on our Facebook page at AANews and on twitter.

We hope that we continue our journey together, building on our successes and learning from our missteps.

Wishing you a happy and safe holiday season.