Shopper claims Walmart gives rights to Muslim employees over Veterans
| Wednesday, 12.28.2016, 04:14 PM

OHIO - A resident was furious when he went to his local Walmart and discovered that the shopping giant allowed a Muslim employee to wear her hijab, but a Veteran employee was told he wasn’t allowed to wear a baseball cap. 

Lee Young of Utica, Ohio, went on a tirade following his visit at the Walmart, taking his anger to Facebook to call out the company for their “double standard policies.”

Young claimed that a Veteran employee he had known at a Walmart, who had worked as a greeter, was told he wouldn’t be allowed to wear his decorated Veteran baseball cap because it was against their dress code. 

“This man is a Veteran and very proud to be. … he illustrates his pride through the highly decorated Veteran baseball cap he wears … or … used to wear,” Young wrote.

“One day I as I walked in I noticed a bright blue Walmart hat on his head with all the military pins that once adorned his wore out faded military cap and I asked him about it. We both had tears in our eyes as I wished him a blessed day and shook his hand before I left,” Young wrote.

But then when Young returned to the Walmart for his next shopping experience, he noticed the Veteran didn’t have his cap. 

“His reply was simple and full of hurt, ‘corporate will not allow me to wear that hat anymore while on the clock, because it goes against the dress code'”.

However, Young was livid when he spotted a Muslim employee wearing a hijab at another Walmart location. He captured a photo of her and took his rant to Facebook.

“One of our own who signed his life away to protect our freedoms and homeland cannot wear his simple old hat but this woman can wear a headscarf proclaiming her love of the Muslim culture and her dedication to Allah!?”

Young posted his since deleted rant on Dec. 13. He noted that "haters" have targeted his page, claiming images on his site violate Facebook rules and generally harassing him on line.

“It’s a sad day when we can’t even support those who fought for our freedoms,” Young posted. “And correct me if I’m wrong to those who site religious freedom, didn’t our service men and women take an oath under God?”

“Thank you Veterans, you will not go unappreciated for your service from me or my family,” Young concluded.

Walmart has not issued a comment about their dress policy since Young’s post went viral. 

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