Oklahoma high school teacher said he wants Muslims 'butchered'
| Friday, 01.06.2017, 06:08 PM

OKLAHOMA - A high school teacher is facing massive backlash for a series of Facebook posts that targeted Muslims, gays and other minority groups.

The offensive posts were allegedly made by Dan Close, who teaches American History and Government at Dewey High School in Dewey, Oklahoma, a small city in the state’s northeast.

He had allegedly been making offensive posts for years, but it was just in recent weeks that the public caught wind of it and have demanded he gets fired.

Some of the posts on Close’s personal Facebook page question Michelle Obama’s gender, repeatedly refer to Hillary Clinton as the “Pantsuited Beast 666,” and blame Democrats for the ambush and killing of five police officers in Dallas in July, 2016.

In his most offensive post however, Close urged people to vote for Trump so Muslims would get 'butchered.' 

“Another Islam attack,” Close wrote. “Happy Ramadan to everyone. Death cult. Vote for Clinton if you want to appease these dog pigs. Vote Trump if you want them butchered. Happy Ramadan to all infidels,” Close wrote following the Orlando attacks last year. 

Many of the offensive posts were posted by Buzzfeed and confirmed by a former student of Close who was friends with him on Facebook.

The Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-OK) called on Dewey High School in Dewey, Okla., to take disciplinary action against the teacher. 

CAIR-OK also called on the teacher’s school district to conduct diversity training for educators and support staff offered by the Muslim civil rights organization and other minority groups.

“While we recognize that social media posts do not always reflect the views of an individual in his or her official capacity, it is shameful that an educator would choose to espouse such viciously biased, racist, homophobic, and xenophobic views,” said Veronica Laizure, CAIR-OK civil rights director. “We sincerely hope that the Dewey Public School District will not only discipline this individual, but will, more importantly, take steps to rectify this problem by embracing the diversity and cultural competency training offered by CAIR-OK and other local organizations.”

Vince Vincent, superintendent of Dewey Public Schools said the issue has been brought to their attention. "We are aware of the story and have addressed it, but with it being a personnel matter, there is nothing more we can discuss.”

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