Jordanian cousins murdered during robbery had come to the U.S. for a better life
| Tuesday, 01.10.2017, 03:09 PM

Indianapolis — After being jobless for around five years, Wesam Sammour and Ammar Shatnawi travelled to the US from Jordan a few years ago seeking a better life, and hoping to earn enough money to get married and build families, according to relatives.

The two, who worked in Jordan’s Fish and Chicken restaurant in Indianapolis, were fatally shot last week while at work by two individuals who are still at large.

Two men entered Jordan's Fish & Chicken on Jan. 3, wearing hoodies with their faces obscured. 

In the video released by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the two suspects jump over the counter out of view with guns drawn.

Police said they robbed the restaurant and killed Sammour, 34, and Shatnawi, 36. The two were cousins.

The restaurant owner, Sam Saadeh, said they are offering $50,000 for any identifying information of the suspects involved in the double murder and robbery.

In the days following their deaths, family and friends in Jordan remain devastated. They said they left the Middle East to find a better life in the U.S. 

"The two studied marketing and business at a private university. They looked for a decent job but never found one. They were frustrated [In Jordan]. All they wanted is to earn some money to get married and have a decent living," Jamal Bteiha, who introduced himself as a close friend of the two, told The Jordan Times.

Ammar travelled to the US first. He worked at the restaurant, which is owned by Sammour, Wesam's brother.

Shatnawi and Sammour hailed from the village of Huwwara in Irbid, 90km to the north of Amman.

Then, Wesam decided to work with his brother in the US.

Ali Mojahed, a friend of Ammar who lived with him in a flat in Jabal Al Hussein in Amman, said he was shattered by the news. 

“Ammar was always cheerful, and always optimistic about his future in the US. He lived with me in the flat for around two years and he was a very kind, polite and hard working person,” Mojahed said.

“When he had the chance to go to the US, he thought that would be the solution to all his problems,” he told The Jordan Times.

The bodies of the two men were flown to Jordan for burial. 

“We cannot believe they were killed in this ridiculous way. What wrong did they do?” a close friend said. 

Police said they were continue the pursuit of the criminals.

“We have two individuals that are willing to take the lives of two seemingly innocent family members trying to work hard and make an honest living at a nice establishment on the east side,” said Indianapolis Police Captain Richard Riddle during a press conference.

One of the suspects was wearing a red coat, and the other was wearing a blue one.

Police believe they are in their mid-20s to early 30s, and that their motive was robbery, according to Fox59.

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