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West Virginia high school teacher suspended with pay for insulting Muslims, Blacks on Twitter
| Tuesday, 01.10.2017, 05:58 PM |

WEST VIRGINIA - A West Virginia high school teacher has been suspended with pay for her racist Twitter history filled with anti-Muslim and ant-Black rants as well as attacks on President Obama.

Mary Durstein, a social studies teacher at Huntington High School, was put on paid leave Monday, the Herald-Dispatch reported.

Cabell County School officials said several students flagged the teacher’s Twitter rants — which go back to 2015 — over the weekend. The messages included support for a mass deportation of Muslims, condemnation of the Black Lives Matter movement and several attacks on President Obama.

Posting under the user name 'pigpen63,' among the tweets the teacher tweeted were;

'Who cares if we offend Muslims at least they keep their heads on tact [sic]. They're the enemy!' she said in a tweet dated July 18, 2015.

The high school teacher also retweeted a photo of a Muslim family that said “Deport them!.”

Durstein recently weighed in on a widely covered incident out of Chicago in which four black youths allegedly tortured a special-needs teenager and broadcast the attack on Facebook Live. 

Durstein, who is white, commented on the post saying the alleged assailants 'could have been Obama’s children,' seemingly referencing the president's statement from 2013 in which he famously said that unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin, who was shot dead in Florida by George Zimmerman, 'could have been my son.'

Dustin is reportedly the advisor of the Young Republicans Club at the high school, and was adamant about Trump coming into office to end political correctness. 

Her public school district commented on her suspension.

“The tweets that you have seen — those are things that we do not adhere to,” Cabell County Superintendent Bill Smith told the newspaper. “We believe that all children are welcome here — all adults as well — in Cabell County schools.”

Cabell County Schools spokesperson Jedd Flowers said an investigation has been launched to determine whether the teacher has violated any district rules.

The Cabell County employee code of conduct states, in part, that all Cabell County professional employees shall ‘maintain a safe and healthy environment, free from harassment, intimidation, bullying, substance abuse, and/or violence, and free from bias and discrimination,’ ‘create a culture of caring through understanding and support,’ and ‘demonstrate responsible citizenship by maintaining a high standard of conduct, self-control, and moral/ethical behavior.’