Forgive us our debts
By Nafeh AbuNab | Friday, 10.31.2008, 08:05 PM

 Federal Reserve headquarters

Four cowboys wanted to play a game of poker, but they didn't have a deck of cards. A banker offered to lend them a deck of cards, on the condition that each bring back 14 cards, and they had to leave their horses as collateral. How many cowboys get their horses back?

This oldest trick in the book is what the Fed banking system is built on. Understanding the mathematics in it makes us understand how the system works. There are 52 cards in the deck. If the cowboys divide it equally, each gets 13 cards, and they all lose their horses. So now the cowboys have to try to swindle each other out of one card. At best, three would get 14, and one would be left with 10 cards. But being cowboys, the seed of conflict has been planted, and they might fight over it and have a shoot-out. Two might kill two, three might kill one or one might kill three. As they're fighting among themselves, trying not to lose their horses, the banker is the only winner!

That's exactly how the Feds' banking systems works, but worse. Money is actually worthless paper. What gives it value is our production and hard work. Since the GDP is the cover for this paper, it means that by having a monopoly on printing it, the Feds are stealing the value of our work by printing this paper that buys all our products. As if that is not enough, they want back more than what they printed!

Interest is the modern word for usury, a concept that is forbidden in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. During Puritan times in the U.S., usurers got hanged, not bailed out by the people's money! So how did we reach this point? Gradually, through laws passed by Congress. The average taxpayer supports his local courts, policemen and sheriff's deputies, the very same people who carry out the process of foreclosure and rob them of their homes. How long can this go on before the people realize they have been duped, and they're slaughtering the very same cow that gives them milk?

Everybody has been asking me: "So what's the solution? How do we stop this system of slavery and thievery that has become the standard in our lives?" Everybody feels helpless and hopeless, in a system that is so big and powerful but lacks the basic elements of logic or justice. Don't expect the solution to come from outer space or from an election. Neither Obama nor McCain nor the Messiah can do it alone, without risking being assassinated or crucified… It has to start at the bottom, with the awakening of the masses.

This is a parasitic system that feeds on the blood of the people. It is a wild fire that is burning everything in its way. How do you stop a wild fire or deal with the parasites in your body? The Congressional answer to fighting the fire is by feeding it more wood. Isn't that what the 700 billion dollar rescue package is? And they're wondering how come the stock markets didn't stop tumbling and the foreclosures didn't stop?! A wild fire has to be starved of wood or oxygen to burn itself out. Instead, they're fortifying their positions by putting us in more debt, and emptying the market of money by holding the loans and demanding payments. The loot is already being distributed among the biggest bankers and the owners of the Feds who are the reason for putting us in this situation. Henry Paulson has given $25 billion each to J.P. Morgan's Chase Bank, Citi Bank and Bank of America, and $10 billion to Goldman Sachs. All while the true solution lies in forming corporations to buy the mortgages that are being sold for 7-8.5 cents on the dollar, and selling them back to the rightful owners at that rate. Imagine if the 700 billion dollars were distributed to the 50 states equally for that purpose. Each state would get $14 billion. The $700 billion at the going rate would buy about $7 trillion worth of mortgages, which is about 70% of all the mortgages there are. That would be a real bailout package for the people, by the people. Instead the $700 billion is being used to keep the banks in business so they keep foreclosing on the people's properties. That is called doing it the Zionist way. Only 20 years ago Americans could not relate to Palestinians losing their homes to occupation. Now they're under the same occupation, an economic siege!

Thomas Jefferson predicted this back in 1778. He said: "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money…the banks and corporations that will grow around them (Wall Street) will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered!"

Fear has been the main tool in the arsenal of the Feds to herd the masses. It is the oldest trick in the shepherd's manual of standard operations. To get the sheep to enter the barn, you can't chase them to catch them, then put them in the barn. You just release your dog that goes and barks from the opposite end. Sheep get afraid and confused, run away to escape the dog, and enter the barn. The shepherd just closes the door!

Everybody is running scared, afraid if they stopped paying their mortgage, they will lose their home. A great majority of people are one or two paychecks away from foreclosure, and the constant stress is causing divorces, abortions, and higher rates of cancer and sickness, as the body isn't designed to deal with the constant stress. This stress has been pushing people to desperate measures where they abandon their children, or throw them out of the 11th floor window, then jump after them! We used to wonder how Arabs in pre-Islamic times used to bury their newborns alive in the deserts?! It gets really confusing for returning servicemen, who were out fighting the enemy, to come back to a foreclosed home and a wife and children who moved in with another man. And they wonder why there is such a high rate of suicide among returning servicemen.

Historically, people went to war to defend their homes from being taken by the enemy. The enemy is the one that threatens your home. So who is the enemy? Is it that solitary man in Tora Bora, or is it Iran, or is it your friendly neighborhood banker who greets you with a big smile and tells you how he can help you with a great rate on a home equity loan?

The Pittsburgh area in the 1980s went through tough economic times with the steel mills closing and people losing their jobs. Bankers started foreclosing on the homes till they got overwhelmed with the numbers, and realized that nobody was buying the foreclosed homes, while they had to pay the heat, taxes and cut the grass. They started begging people not to leave their houses. It is the same thing that is happening now in Florida, California and other cities with high rates of foreclosures. Houses are getting vandalized once people leave them and they become shells, while their owners become homeless. What is wrong with this picture? People are selling their homes with short sales, and feeling relieved that they don't have a mortgage anymore. Glad to lose their homes. What's wrong with this picture?

Our neighbors and relatives are losing their homes to foreclosures and we are glad it is not us. Well, if we allow this injustice to happen to others, our turn will come. The only way to stop foreclosures is from the bottom up, not the top down. Stop paying your mortgages. Three percent of people who couldn't pay their mortgages almost caused the collapse of this parasitic system. Ten percent would definitely do them in! The court system will get overwhelmed, and this economic slavery system will collapse and all these bogus mortgages that were generated by nothing put printing paper will have to be written off, forgiven. The Christians have been praying for two thousand years: "Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors." God has answered, but he helps those who help themselves and who have no fear.

Nafeh AbuNab is author of the book "Nothing."

By Nafeh AbuNab

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