The false hope of a long rope
By Nafeh AbuNab | Friday, 04.24.2009, 09:45 PM

In my daily conversations with ordinary people, I've discovered that many don't know how much a billion or a trillion dollars is. It means the same thing to them as a gazillion. So they don't begin to understand the stimulus package that is promising to inject $789 billion into the economy, nor what kind of impact it is supposed to have.

To put the Obama administration's stimulus package into practical terms, we can compare the current debt-based economy to a noose that is choking us. The current theory assumes that if you lengthen the rope, then we will land on our feet before we hang. But for that to work you have to know how deep the fall is. The experts admit they are clueless as to where the bottom is.

Just like in the noose, the knot is the problem, not the length of the rope. The problem of the world wide economy is that it is debt-based, not equity-based. So the question is, how do we untie the knot and turn the rope into a lifeline, to pull us out of the current situation?

The answer surprisingly came out of a statement that Alan Greenspan, the former Fed chairman, made in London last month which didn't even get a headline in the news. He said that it is time to nationalize the banks in the free world. In his old age, he is finally learning to speak the truth.

The problem with the current economic system is that it has been trying to defy logic and mathematics for the past 94 years, ever since the formation of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1914. You cannot create paper money out of nothing and expect to get more than what was printed. The Feds have lowered the prime lending rate to 0.25%, but that won't work.

To solve the problem with the current structure we must turn the bankers into distribution channels for money. The first step is to nationalize the Feds, and have the country issue its own money, like President Kennedy did in 1963. The country must lend it to the bankers at a discount like 80 cents on the dollar, and banks must then lend it to people at like 85 cents on the dollar. Then tie the lending to practical needs and ideas, and not real estate or credit scores. So as simple as the solution is, what are the obstacles to its implementation?

The obstacle is the fact that the mega rich owners of the Fed are the same owners of most of the Fortune 500 companies and have been so integrated with the global economy, and are so invested in the old interest system of financial slavery, that they keep flexing their muscles and showing how they can lay off millions of people and bring the world wide economy to its knees. They could care less that people are getting divorced over finances and families are broken and their homes stolen routinely through foreclosures.

So let us get down to the truth about our dire economic state. The truth is that we've been duped. They have created a false material world, where we are led to believe that the more we hoard of the worthless paper we call money— which they print out of nothing but ink and paper, the better off we are. So everybody's goal is to get rich by any means. We're selling drugs to each other, running financial schemes, swindling each other, robbing each other, suing each other, killing each other… Yet no matter how much we hoard of that worthless paper, we never feel secure. It doesn't guarantee us against old age or sickness or mudslides or earthquakes or hurricanes or tornadoes or losing it all. And it has an insatiable appetite; the more we have, the more we want. We spend our lives chasing it, worrying about it, losing sleep over it, and at the end we depart and take nothing of it with us.

All the while the true riches are those we already possess. They're totally opposite the material world. In the material world, the more you give the less you have. While with the true treasures, the more you give the more you have and it costs us nothing to give. So what are they? Love, kindness, friendship, happiness, loyalty, dignity, integrity, mercy, forgiveness, hope, liberty, freedom, honesty, knowledge, wisdom and all the values that make life worth living. Life is not worth a hill of beans without them.

It is apparent that the debt-based economy has been leading us to the abyss, destroying our lives and robbing us of our humanity and sanity, and we need to turn it around 180 degrees. We need to turn money into a tool to serve humanity, something that facilitates the exchange of goods from the manufacturers to the consumers, while helping us restore the ecological balance on our globe that has been destroyed because of it. Who decided that a tree is worth more dead, as a piece of wood, than alive, producing oxygen?

It is time to ask the hardcore questions. How did we get here, and is there a peaceful way out? The end of economic inequality and injustice has historically come through violent ends and revolutions, because those who are invested and benefiting from the old system don't, and won't, give up the power peacefully.

Our current world wide economic failure can be blamed on a few controlling families who belong to secret societies and believe that the rest of us are worthless, hopeless, unemployed waiting for handouts in unemployment benefits or worthless jobs below slavery wages. They exist and subsist on our blood and sweat. The truth is small business is the real backbone of this country's economy and they're the only ones creating value and jobs that can't be exported. Small business accounted for more than 90% of the new job creations, yet they're getting the least attention. The Obama administration threw them a bone of $15 billion in SBA loan guarantees, but that is way below the scope of what is needed.

While their former experts advised us to eat cake when bread was not available, current experts are trying to feed us their bull****, telling us that the failure of the economy is not due to the debt system, but due to us living beyond our means! That we all should be living in shacks around their plantations, and sacrificing to keep them wealthy, because they worked hard scheming and passing slavery laws while we have been frolicking in the sun, tilling their fields. And their experts like Dr. Phil tell us to look at the bright side of unemployment, while we used to have no time for our children, now we have all the time in the world, playing and camping in our homeless shelters!

The whole premise that we must save the banking industry by putting the people under higher debt that can never be repaid, is an oxymoron that doesn't pass the basic principles of logic or practicality. It is that banking sector that has grown rich beyond imagination, and has become the problem that is destroying people's lives, buying the factories and moving them out of the country, systematically destroying the industrial infrastructure that is the backbone of this country. It is like telling a sick person that he must strengthen the parasites to get better!

There is no doubt that our instincts of survival are stronger than our fear of any system out there, and that we always find innovative ways to get out of our predicaments. Laws can't stop mudslides or tornadoes or earthquakes, nor can they stop global warming, nor the dam from breaking. The only question is are we going to be able to do it peacefully to stem a total breakdown, and transition into an equity-based economy that benefits everybody, or are they going to be stubborn and stupid enough to push people to the brink of no return? How can you convince the parasites to leave the body so it can heal?

By Nafeh AbuNab

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