<p style="margin-bottom: 0in"><b>Fatal shooting on Dearborn's east side shocks community one year after stabbing death </b>
| Wednesday, 07.13.2011, 10:39 PM

DEARBORN – A year after an 18-year-old man was stabbed to death outside of an ice skating rink on the same date, tragedy struck the local community again as another young man was shot multiple times and killed after a pick-up basketball game near Riverside Academy West on the city's east side.

The victim was believed to be 23-year-old Hassan Zeidan by friends who had arrived on the scene as numerous police officers secured the area.

According to a relative and friends of an eyewitness, an argument over a basketball game played by between six and eight people led to a fight after which the shooter went to his car to retrieve a gun.

The shooter pulled up to the parking lot where the game was being played and fired multiple shots at the victim according to witnesses. The single basketball goal where the game was being played rests in an area near the school, ACCESS, and the Islamic Institute of Knowledge just off of Schaefer Road.

Imam Husham Al Husainy, the director of the Karbala Islamic Center nearby, said he had been lecturing about 100 young people at the center during a commemoration event for last year's victim, Mohamad Abboud, about the importance of avoiding violence and conflict, when someone came in and said they had heard gunshots.

The alleged shooter fled the area of the basketball game and ran toward the center after being chased and attacked by others who had witnessed the shooting. He had been bleeding, possibly from having shot himself in the foot accidentally according to an eyewitness.

Al Husainy said he tried to prevent others from continuing to attack the alleged shooter in retaliation until the police were able to arrive. He came out of the scuffle with blood on his cloak from the alleged shooter. He also said that the shooting victim's father fell down and had what may have been a heart attack after arriving on the scene.

The alleged shooter was in police custody and was also taken to Oakwood Hospital with injuries. Police on the scene had no comment on the situation as they continued to gather evidence. 

"This is a tough life lesson, we need to teach our youth how valuable life is and as parents and the community we all have a role," Al Husainy said.

He also said that the location was noteworthy in that it occurred near a school, mosque and community center and said that all three need to do a better job of teaching conflict resolution and the value of life in light of recent tragedies.

"We need more wisdom to learn how to avoid conflict otherwise we'll keep losing in an expensive way," he said, adding that he's been in the community for about 30 years.

"We need to close the gap between the older generation and the youth," he added. "This is a live example of what could happen if we don't increase the passion, wisdom, and faith of the community."

Mohamad El Salmen, 24 of Dearborn and a friend of Zeidan, was inside the mosque when the incident happened.

"It's sad what's happening, we had just come out of the commemoration (for Abboud) when we found out," he said.

"Some people are falling in with the wrong lifestyle and we're losing too many young people in the community."

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