Terry Jones plans April 7 Dearborn protest at ICA
By Natasha Dado | Thursday, 02.02.2012, 12:32 PM

Controversial Florida Pastor Terry Jones is planning to protest in front of the Islamic Center of America on April 7. Speaking to The Arab American News by phone he invited Islamic religious leaders and Muslims to “make their case against him” there.  
A significant number of Jones’ supporters are expected to attend the demonstration, which he says has drawn a positive response. Last year Jones received wide condemnation when he made plans to protest outside the Islamic Center of America on April 15, but was denied a permit by the city and ordered to court the same day. 
The Wayne County prosecutor’s office also filed a complaint alleging Jones was likely to breach the peace. A judge at Dearborn’s 19th District Court ordered Jones and his assistant Wayne Sapp to pay a $1 peace bond each, and placed a ban restricting them to stay away from the Islamic Center of America for three whole years.  After the two eventually made a court appeal to the ban, and a judge lifted it. Jones plans on protesting against Shari’a law, and radical Islam which he says is the greatest threat to the nation’s national security. 
He also complained about Halal food being served in school cafeterias, and students at Fordson High School being allowed to hold midnight football practices during Ramadan.  “Every place that Muslims go they expect special privileges……If we as Christians were to ask for these things there would be a tremendous uproar,” Jones said. 
He claims to only be protesting against radical Islam, and says most Muslims are peaceful and loving. Jones believes there’s an element of Islam that’s radical.  “We respect the rights of Muslims here in America. We have no problem with them,” Jones said. He’s also planning on holding ‘International Judge Muhammad Day’ on Sep. 11, 2012. 

By Natasha Dado

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