ADC expresses concerns over “bigoted” film at Schoolcraft
| Monday, 03.12.2012, 12:45 AM

LIVONIA – Two classes at Schoolcraft College in Livonia recently showed the film “The Third Jihad” as part of their curriculum, a movie that the the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee called “blatantly bigoted and hate-filled” in a press release this week. The Council on American-Islamic relations has also publicly denounced the film in a similar fashion.
The same film was also shown to the NYPD, a move that led to an apology from NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, who acknowledged his department's wrongdoing.
According to a release from ADC-MI, the Schoolcraft College administration told the civil rights group that the showing of the film, despite student protest, was a First Amendment issue rather than discriminatory conduct toward Muslim students.
“This is simply wrong,” ADC-MI's release said. “No educational institution should promote material that creates a climate of hate and fear among its student body.”
“And no student should have to be subjected to such discriminatory treatment in having his or her faith attacked by the very same professor where the student has paid tuition to have the right to equal access to an enriching positive education.
“We cherish the First Amendment and we are not in the business of compromising it any way,” said Imad Hamad ADC Senior Advisor and Regional Director.  “However this is a piece of hate and should not be a part of any academic institutional material.  It is biased, subjective, not factual and hurtful to the students.  Academic institutions and public entities need to seek better resources in order to advance the concepts of open and constructive debate.”  
ADC-MI is calling on Schoolcraft to review the situation and engage in dialogue to find an amicable resolution and other resources to be a part of the much-needed debate without negative consequences. ADC National Legal Director, Abed Ayoub, stated, “there must be accountability and responsibility from Schoolcraft College.  The reasoning given by the administration at Schoolcraft is remarkably similar to that tone used by Commissioner Kelly of the NYPD earlier this year.”

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